Why Your Website Needs an SEO Audit

Whether you have an affiliate website, an informational blog, or you have product or Toronto SEO service oriented website, it is dead in the water if consumers cannot find it in a simple Google or Bing search. Not only that, but your site needs to be smartphone and tablet compatible. The majority of consumers search content and services from their smart phones and tablets while on the go. It is important that your site be in the top rankings or else someone else gets their clicks and their business.

Choose Your SEO Audit Tools Wisely

Some website platforms such as WordPress, WIX, and GoDaddy provide useful tools for their users to run analysis of their site content to get an idea of how they are doing. Some show what your SEO content looks like and how it ranks in a search, and on different devices. Even if you have selected the best embedded key words and phrases for your content, your site may not be showing up for a variety of reasons, such as broken links and URL blocks. These are issues for which you might not be aware unless you have hours to sit around testing each page from every browser and different devices. You could do that, or you use SEO audit tools beginning with a crawler that will go through your site with a fine toothed comb to find the bugs. Some crawlers are free for the first few words, then you pay, or you can try some of the free crawlers. Remember, you get what you pay for.

It is important that readers not take one glance at your site and move on to the next. In a search, SEO content will be highlighted so readers can quickly determine relativity, so even if you get consumers to your site, you want to be able to keep them there. There are several SEO auditing tools available free or for a fee designed to check performance, accessibility, and content uniqueness.

Quick Checklist

  • Does your content meet requirements for Google’s mobile-friendly criteria?
  • Do you use headings and subheadings will help to guide readers to scan content quickly? If a page looks too readers are busy, or disorganized, readers will likely move on?
  • Do you have broken links?
  • Do backlinks work?
  • Are your key words and phrases audience targeted?
  • Do you have duplicate content?
  • Is your content unique, i.e., not plagiarized?
  • Are you using meta-tags?
  • Do you have images titled?
  • Do videos have closed-captioning and a transcript of content?

This is not an inclusive list of all the problems that an SEO audit can uncover, but they are some quick checks that can be quickly performed. SEO audit tools will not only detect problems with the sites and site content, but will provide a full detailed report and make appropriate recommendations.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if your website is not drawing traffic simply by existing, it is not properly SEO optimized. That is the purpose of SEO, so your site can draw traffic, earn readership and revenue without you having to personally monitor activity 24/7.

You have already invested in your business with your money as well as your time. An effective SEO audit will require some level of financial investment, but without one, the money and time invested so far could be considered a wash. No one wants that.